Notes on Duplicity

A Poem By Juwairiah Bemath her charm is like music to whomever will stop to listen profoundly stirring beguilingly invoking deeply resonant cunningly ensnaring adagio A tinkling in the dark promising comfort and a gentle whisper A lullaby that rocks him to sleep in the early hours of the morning – s p e l l […]

My House Before It Leaves

A Haibun By Arushani Govender Parents chatter about selling the house behind damp walls and under flickering lights. The chandelier hangs above the central foyer with a broken arm, swung downwards. Its glassy, tulip-shaped exterior threatens to crash on heads of guests. A plug point in the bedroom crackles when switched on. Blisters are plump […]

The Trial

A Poem By Chariklia Martalas   I’m on the stand My hands wiping away the deluge Of sweaty sins As the judge peers with forgotten eyes I am not a human But a perpetrator Of wishful thinking The verdict would be not to dream Gaze at me oh jury Am I on trial against delusions? Praying, […]

Scrambled Truth

A Poem By Pelonomi Itumeleng   In all truths Foundations do crumble. Monogamy, a fantasy. And poetry, for broken people. Exposing cracks of inadequate gold linings. Who is bold enough to denounce their brokenness? Even the beautiful, Tell of the ugly mornings. The singers accept husky voice moments. In all truth Foundations are shaken and have […]

How to Learn a Language

9 lessons for the uninitiated by Taahir Kamal Chagan The key determiners in the process of learning a language are the same timeless qualities that are involved in learning anything well in life. Here are 9 insightful lessons for people who are considering embarking on the journey of acquiring a language. 1- The ‘Why’ What’s […]

My Nursery Rhyme

A Poem By Pippa Browning I once read about the crooked man and his crooked cat and his crooked mouse and his little-crooked house but now I wonder about this crooked man who walked a crooked mile I wonder about his crooked mind and his crooked soul or if he’ll have me for tea to talk […]