Nostalgia – A Place I know

A Photo-series By  Luthfiyyah Rahman    The feeling of nostalgia is the theme for this photo essay. The term nostalgia is formed from a Greek word nostos which means “return” and algos which means “suffering”. It can be described as an emotional longing for past events or homesickness and childhood memories. Things such as music, places […]

Sunday Mornings

A Poem By Tshepo Molefe   Do you remember those Sunday Mornings? Where Ntate Thuso was your alarm clock And waking up meant you have 21 hours and 11 minutes to finish your Monday Morning homework?   Do you remember those Sunday Afternoons? When the crescendos in Marvin Gaye’s songs sang you to irritation While […]


A Poem By Juwayriya Bemath  “its been a while” you say, as we slip into a familiar sense of comfort and slide out of our coats — “nothing’s really changed“ but hasn’t all of it? — your words struggle to be coherent as they tumble forward, unaware of the knots inside of me that tighten as […]


A Short Story By Sarah Leck 8PM, but it smelled like breakfast and early mornings. The smell of coffee roasting wafting through the air from this café that I have never entered, only passed by. The sign tells me it’s only open 2 days out of 7. It’s just as well, I’d be too shy to […]

Bird Bones

A Short Story By Suvania-Thrishnum Subroyen I I asked him what he was afraid of and he replied that it was probably the thought of his parents dying. It is a familiar fear, I suppose. My dreams have made me live through moments of premature grief. Of my mother dying and not knowing how to […]


A Poem By Shameelah Khan One day, I will drift off to sleep And wake to the sounds Of rain a library of books a fire-place my pregnant belly the smell of soup wooden furniture built by you my eyes will drift in and out I hear a familiar voice, “My darling, your tea has […]