idle worship

A Poem By Juwayriya Bemath clawing, stumbling through the dark    the bustle    the haze in search of a door’s handle — turn — to the light of God, they said or to the warmth of flesh, asked i what counts is having something there in the dark something to reach for     with […]

The Roses

A Short Story by Shameelah Khan I don’t understand isiXhosa, but this is a dialogue. He stood in-between the books A look of tenderness Bodies Bound by The un-fixing of spaces Traces of Chapman A forgotten library Preserved African knowledge Prayers Documented in the tongues, of the returned land, And Isixhosa A poem by an […]

Shack Dweller

An Artwork by Sacro Ngobese While extreme poverty continues to be one of the main challenges of our time and is a major concern of the international community, ending this scourge will require the combined effort of government, society, organizations and the private sector. There is both vulnerability and strength found within the poverty-stricken slums throughout […]

Meditations: Winter

A Column by Lucinda de Leeuw Winter Winters are cold. Winters tend to be drawn and dim and there is little dance between the hours. Winters are painful reminders of what we lost along the way. Winters are memories waiting to happen. Winters are the pennies you hope to find on your midday stroll. Winters […]

The Love Generation

A Poem By Nomthandazo Nxabela Like salient, Hungry, Indignant souls They will out their torches- At the drop of the baton To unlearn A damaging moral compass And like Beautiful birds twitter They will sing On a soapbox Of freedom To lend to broken hearts A breath of hope And they will stand Woven into the […]