How to Learn a Language

9 lessons for the uninitiated by Taahir Kamal Chagan The key determiners in the process of learning a language are the same timeless qualities that are involved in learning anything well in life. Here are 9 insightful lessons for people who are considering embarking on the journey of acquiring a language. 1- The ‘Why’ What’s […]

Feminism in the age of hashtags and transculturation

An Article By Nicola Pilkington Hey! Did you see the new Janelle Monáe music video- I mean, “let the vagina have a monologue” is my new mantra atm, but #EatItLikeAMango is still my bae. Or did you catch #OprahForPresident at the #2018GoldenGlobes? Or the #AhedTamimi viral video? How many statuses did you see as part […]

Braamfontein – A Dream Deferred

By Selabe Kute   A dense, salty musk hangs over the air as I gaze through one of the many dusty windowsills that plaster over Kitcheners Carvary bar in inner-city Johannesburg. The bar revels in its antiquated appeal, its peeling walls are punctuated by a disintegrating painting of Lord Kitchener who looms over the slurred-sentences […]