How to Learn a Language

9 lessons for the uninitiated by Taahir Kamal Chagan The key determiners in the process of learning a language are the same timeless qualities that are involved in learning anything well in life. Here are 9 insightful lessons for people who are considering embarking on the journey of acquiring a language. 1- The ‘Why’ What’s […]


An Article By Nicholas Bruce   He had long since made peace with all that lurked in the shadows. Meeting demons with a will of steel forged out of gnosis, and laughing off the chaotic whispers of the ones that crept up invisibly, that would await any energetic opening in order to sabotage and feed. […]

If Orpheus were a Buddhist

By Nicholas Bruce If Orpheus were a Buddhist, he might have sat contently among himself, and whoever was interested enough to sit before him, as he strummed his lyre. Or perhaps he would have strummed his lyre by himself, and still been content. If Orpheus were a Buddhist, his meditation may have been simple appreciation […]

Braamfontein – A Dream Deferred

By Selabe Kute   A dense, salty musk hangs over the air as I gaze through one of the many dusty windowsills that plaster over Kitcheners Carvary bar in inner-city Johannesburg. The bar revels in its antiquated appeal, its peeling walls are punctuated by a disintegrating painting of Lord Kitchener who looms over the slurred-sentences […]

Heaven is full

Heaven is FullBy by Steven J. Rogers Winn Wdsdsd Winner of Odd Short Story Competition   His father owned the bar before he did. Struggled to keep the place open when they changed the smoking laws. After the cure, the bar had no problem staying in business. Every stool in the place was packed with […]

The Art of Substance

BY KALPA LUTCHMUN “Oh, you’re a writer? Easiest job in the world! Right?” As I begin to write this, I know the words will race against each other, tumbling out of my brain, flow through my fingertips onto my keyboard, burst forth onto my screen and spill over into existence. I know my thoughts are […]