The Gut

A Poem By Shameelah Khan Guilt has made my stomach lining absorb very little I watch as my intestines crawl into themselves forming vines along my gut wrenching willows and silent pushes and squirms of the dead and the hollow nuances of memory that digress -how slowly does loss take to digest Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrLinkedinRedditemailPrint


A Short Story By Sarah Leck 「孩子,你看你堂哥的儿子这么可爱!」 “Child, look how cute your cousin’s son is!” My mother held a phone to my face, hers beaming with familial pride. On the screen was a picture of a boy about a year old with cherubic, pink cheeks, smiling guilelessly. 「对啊,可爱。」 “Yeah, he’s cute.” I meant it, but […]

Odd Artist of the Month: Kgaugelo Rakgwale

A Photo-series By Kgaugelo Rakgwale Neo-nostalgia is a photo-art series exploring an inexplicable wistful affection for a time period that has passed but somehow feels fairly new at the same time. The intention of this body of work is to recreate the experience of going through old photos (supplemented by a verbal recount) with another. An […]

Nostalgia – A Place I know

A Photo-series By  Luthfiyyah Rahman    The feeling of nostalgia is the theme for this photo essay. The term nostalgia is formed from a Greek word nostos which means “return” and algos which means “suffering”. It can be described as an emotional longing for past events or homesickness and childhood memories. Things such as music, places […]