The Roses

A Short Story by Shameelah Khan I don’t understand isiXhosa, but this is a dialogue. He stood in-between the books A look of tenderness Bodies Bound by The un-fixing of spaces Traces of Chapman A forgotten library Preserved African knowledge Prayers Documented in the tongues, of the returned land, And Isixhosa A poem by an […]

Editor’s Note: July 2018

July 2018 Statement of Birth By Shameelah Khan (Transcribed from a short interview over coffee with my mother) Name: Shameelah Khan (almost not though) Age: one week (according to my mother) Weight: 2.5 kgs (again- but my father slightly confirmed this) Race: X (my mother said that in 1992 it didn’t matter to have a […]


A Poem By Juwayriya Bemath the chasm between realities wherein i float among nothingness weightlessly ethereally unburdened by lies, by truth tethered by only a string of hope a rope of belief an anchor of faith [aside] — uncertainty fuels potential for great possibility a series cathartic burst of events with the power to send hurtling […]