The Gut

A Poem By Shameelah Khan Guilt has made my stomach lining absorb very little I watch as my intestines crawl into themselves forming vines along my gut wrenching willows and silent pushes and squirms of the dead and the hollow nuances of memory that digress -how slowly does loss take to digest Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrLinkedinRedditemailPrint

Sunday’s guilt

A Poem By Pippa Browning Happiness threatens me shadows clog me I would just hate to leave this brothel of youth this early but time is hunting Injected labels summon restless pride among all this goddamn mooching Holy inertia narrates strewn survival and kingdom come nags Senile treasures hide in mirror eyes like corkscrew minds whiplashing […]

Memories in a Darkroom

A Poem By Mandla Phakathi I’ve seen life through different eyes, Lies told for protection, Empty feelings in temptation, Integration in ejection, I found love in rejection. She was love in light patches, told her feet breed gold plates on Angel wings Her eyes were starlit, light sparkles floating like dust particles Told their golden […]