A SHORT STORY By Kelly Ansara It was November 9th 2003. On this Saturday morning I was woken up by a frantic scream, a loud bang on a windowand a whispered curse from the room next door. This would forever be remembered as ‘The first time I saw my father cry’. It was also the […]

Last Chance to Begin Again

A Short Story by Maleeha Bismilla   She believes time can mend her. That time- in its endlessly circling void- passes ceaselessly on a mission to fix her. Wandering. Darkness behind her, a dream in front of her, and distractions on either side of her. Yet, without failure, the stars shine rapturously above her. Twinkling […]

The Act

A Short Story By Lucinda de Leeuw   He zipped up his pants. And then takes out a beaten packet of cigarettes from its pocket. He mid-way realised I was still lying on the floor—at his feet, struggling for breath and strength. He just as soon forgot he held my spirit in the air only […]


A SHORT STORY By Selabe Kute   1. Circus ‘Ke legoa!’ the scream sends a small ripple through the slits of his purple shirt. A few pigeons scurry to the heavens after the crescendo of his words. His wire-car suspends its travels through the gradations of his grandmother’s burgundy porch. Segments of sand rest on […]