The Birth of Fire

A Short Story By Nkateko Masinga For decades, my grandmother’s dreams had saved our family from one disaster after the other. When she dreamt of a flood, we would reinforce our buttresses and fix existing leaks. When she dreamt of crops, we knew it would be a difficult harvest. Her dreams always involved the elements: […]


A Short Story By Olufemi Agunbiade The rain came late in the day. The earlier evening winds from the hills had been cool and signalled the rain. So, it came as a little surprise. The rain is always a welcomed thing, really. The land is thirsty for water. The villagers would be happy too, I believe. […]

Milky Memories

A Short Story By jec young   My grandfather drinks glasses of milk which he forgets to finish. He forgets, too, where he leaves them.   We trail him around the house, collecting the misted white glasses and pouring them away. I imagine in the corridors of his home, in the northern heat, there lies […]