A Digital Art Piece By Mpho Mokoena This concept is a celebration of South African Taxi hand signals, We are the only country that uses specific hand signals to symbolize, the destination we would like to travel, and has become one the unexplored unspoken languages that originated in the apartheid era. So in saying that […]

Listless guilt

A Poem By Tangerine Tako How your arms wrap around my waist In dark corners How you look at me through your rear view mirror Intoxicated by your porous breath, I reach out into nothingness What’s that chirping in your rib cage? Constantly hiding shadows behind the chipped nail polish on your toes A stolen feeling […]

Memories in a Darkroom

A Poem By Mandla Phakathi I’ve seen life through different eyes, Lies told for protection, Empty feelings in temptation, Integration in ejection, I found love in rejection. She was love in light patches, told her feet breed gold plates on Angel wings Her eyes were starlit, light sparkles floating like dust particles Told their golden […]

Nostalgia – A Place I know

A Photo-series By  Luthfiyyah Rahman    The feeling of nostalgia is the theme for this photo essay. The term nostalgia is formed from a Greek word nostos which means “return” and algos which means “suffering”. It can be described as an emotional longing for past events or homesickness and childhood memories. Things such as music, places […]

Sunday Mornings

A Poem By Tshepo Molefe   Do you remember those Sunday Mornings? Where Ntate Thuso was your alarm clock And waking up meant you have 21 hours and 11 minutes to finish your Monday Morning homework?   Do you remember those Sunday Afternoons? When the crescendos in Marvin Gaye’s songs sang you to irritation While […]