The night peek

Short Story By Nkwana Joshua the night peek more again. I’ve stared at the stars’ return to me, iris open soul appetizing; the moon glittered wide around me, of almost everything lived in the day known for snoring at night – showed sight of consciousness at my bed side. since then, I’ve known to calculate […]


A Poem By Juwayriya Bemath the chasm between realities wherein i float among nothingness weightlessly ethereally unburdened by lies, by truth tethered by only a string of hope a rope of belief an anchor of faith [aside] — uncertainty fuels potential for great possibility a series cathartic burst of events with the power to send hurtling […]

apra wara

A Poem By Feeya Asmal I was born this way. Brown skin. Brown hair. Brown eyes. I live in Asia now. But I wasn’t born here. I used to live in Africa. That’s where I was born. That’s where my mother was born My father was born That’s where my grandmothers and grandfather were born Their […]

Tragic Symphonies

A Poem By Kii Gxobole When the music moves through me. I dance with my demons and laugh at the darkness. My feet twirl above hot coals of regrets. My shadow holds me by the waist and we waltz on the ballroom laced with shame from things I’ve done. My low self-esteem sings the blues. My […]

Sonnet for Jamie

A Poem By Brendon Booth-Jones I was born in the snow of a powerful trance. I was born in black and white but I cried in colour. I was born blind-drunk on love in the coldest summer. I was born again and again but each time I opened my eyes they turned the page back to […]

Groans of Tomorrow

A Poem By Nomthandazo Nxabela Ignorance is innocent In the mind of a child Who knows not- The gift she has inherited Crowning her a mother, To a still born democracy She grows to back This still born infant, Wrapped in black blankets Which Wage unto her Unending Taxes Amidst pained contractions And the groans […]

A Mad Woman’s Song to Self

A Short Story By Meshalini Govender I look at her and see all the things that I am no longer. She smiles, with a complacent confidence-it boasts sincerity and vitality borne of youth and innocence. Her eyes are glazed with the far-flung horizons of promise; promise that she strides towards with definitive unwaveringly infinite hope. Looking […]


A Poem By Sarah Leck “Did you live with the elephants?” we were talking about recent holidays, yours to Laos, mine to Phuket said you loved the slow lifestyle sleeping in the woods in shacks with geckos and lizards hearing the sighs of elephants dreaming: they were your favourite “You really stole the cream from […]