The Heaven Beneath Her Feet


Amir Bagheri


I rubbed my face again just to convince myself that I was not dreaming. It felt real but it was too good to be true.

She pointed at me; pulling me towards herself with an invisible string. I was speechless. With my mind shut down, I walked towards her without being able to control myself.

Sit behind me. My back is sore, I’d like to lean on your chest” she said in her soothing voice.

She was sitting on a dark brown rock on top of this hill we were on; just the two of us. The view in front of us was something you’d expect in a painting. The ever so green forest with many colourful flowers, the sun was shining ever so brightly; it looked just like what God has promised in Quran when one enters the heaven.

I sat right behind her. She leaned on my chest, very comfortably, as she wished earlier.

Doesn’t it feel like we have known each other for quite a long time?” she asked me.

It sure does. Possibly a few years…” I answered.

I wrapped my hands around her. She took in a deep breath of excitement. She was wearing a sleeveless, white top with detailed beautiful flowers around its collar. Her skin was tanned and looked smooth, I couldn’t resist but to imagine my lips on her shoulder.

What is stopping you?” She asked.

What do you mean?” I said very surprisedly.

She remained silent.

Her long dark brown hair, that matched her eye colour, was blowing in my face. Unable to stop myself, my face was pulled towards the left side of her neck, I started kissing her; as I closed my eyes. Her reaction was desirable. I felt the goosebumps all over her skin. She turned her head and held my face, as her lips sought mine.

Her red lips tasted bittersweet, just like a glass of rosé. I licked her bottom lip, hoping to get drunk off them and lose myself in her.

Every time I opened my eyes the view in front of us would become more beautiful. Our intimacy was fertilising the heaven beneath her feet.

I hope you never ruin me” she whispered in my ear.

How could I ever ruin you I thought to myself. “You’re safe with me” I told her.

I couldn’t get my head around what she meant by “ruin me”. I held her face and started kissing her again, to avoid thinking about what she had said.

Our kisses were passionate. I could not recall kissing anyone with such affection. I could feel her breath on my face every few seconds. Her breath gave me life; I never felt so alive until then.

She held my hands and guided them to her round breasts. I still had my eyes closed. Her breasts felt like nothing I had felt before. Her nipples felt aroused when I caressed them. I started shivering. There was a soothing breeze that was taking my soul with itself. I opened my eyes only to realise that she was fully naked, under the moonlight. There was no forest beneath her feet anymore. We were sitting on white sands with the ocean reflecting the moonlight in front of us.

Where are we?” I asked her.

She stood up and held my hands to stand up with her. I was naked too. It felt as if we travelled into a new world as we had our eyes closed.

She pulled me into the ocean with herself. She held me tight. Her body felt so warm in the cold water we were in. I held her face, with her wet hair between my fingers and her cheek. “Who are you?” I asked. She kissed me in response.

Her breasts were rubbing against my chest as she pulled me closer to herself. She wrapped her legs around me, seeking to adjust her love on my hardness.

God knows for how long we were kissing underneath the moonlight in that the ocean. I could live on forever if I was stuck in the same moment, as life only made sense through her intimacy. I knew if I had to die there and then, I’d die as a happy man, knowing that what I had experienced was the sweetest joy that God had created.

I thought of making love to her. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back onto the white, soft sands of the shore. A white, silk cloth appeared around her waist and thighs, covering the rose between her legs. I lay her down and forced myself on top of her. She remained silent. As I entered her, she disappeared.

I woke up in a fright. I wanted to go back to sleep and find her. As I closed my eyes, I heard her voice whispering “you have already ruined me…”


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