I will write

Pen and paper will be my best friend
I will bleed the words I fear to say
I will be bludgeoned by perfect grammar and forgotten full stops
For days I’ve chosen silence but tonight the words flow freely

It must like the darkness too

I have missed honesty even though I only know it to lurk between the lines
It has always been the space between beginning and end. It has always been the only constant even when the ink ran dry

I will write of the inequalities I consciously ignore
I will write about the what-ifs of peace and the calmness of desired unity
I see the pen, I see paper, yet I fear the words
Truth will be revealed, it will hurtful but it will be true

I will write of caged voices and those who fear to dream
Tomorrow has never been promised but some even wish away the possibility
I will write of struggles, mishaps and misfortunes
I will write of days where my scars remind me that I have survived
The words have never judged even though they’re often left caged
They choose to comfort instead of destroy

Tonight, I will write. I will write of words unsaid. I will write of perfect grammar and forgotten full stops
I will wait for the darkness then…

I will write.

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