This boy I imagined



This boy I imagined

He let down his walls

As his shirt came off

I saw scriptures across his chest

And I’m not just talking about the tattoos

He said they were all the people he had


I saw scriptures

Of everything else he was yet to gain

I saw the world at his feet

And kissed them.

He flinched and autumn leaves fell off him.

On them were names and dreams yet to be realised.

I put one in my pocket.

Later the next day,

I found a song he had played

And listened to it

Three times’ the charm.

This boy I imagined

Looked at me

With eyes so empty

And full of what he’ll never be.

Eyes that were blinding

With a light that’s not nearly as strong as the sunlight

But achingly dull

You just have to look away.

I told him, “take off the shades

Your eyes are absorbing the light anyway.”;


He took them off

With hands that have never loved

But only yearned

And played the role of numerous lovers.

I saw a melody strumming off his finger tips.

I kissed them

He shuddered and snowflakes licked my skin.

Winter has never been kinder.

This boy I imagined

Accidentally ripped open his chest

As his shirt came off.

I saw his lungs

Pumping slowly and lethargically

With a plea for life to be blown into them.

I kissed him.

His entire body trembled

And Summer and Spring united in his wake

Sweeping me into more than I had bargained for

In the blur of that moment

I wrote myself onto his chest

Put back the leaf I had taken

Wiped off the snowflakes

And basked in the sunshine

In a moment looped

Into an imagined forever.

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