Editors Note: September 2017


I was having another sleepless night. The gates to the hell, that is twitter, opened and sucked me right into it. Scrolling up and down, I was hoping to find a good read, or something inspiring that would put me to sleep with a smile on my face. Finally, there was a video that was shared by Kambiz Hosseini; an Iranian comedian and social figure. In this footage there was a man interviewing a street child in Iran.

I pressed play, even though now I wish I never did.

It started like a typical citizen journalism video. The cameraman asking the street child about what he wanted to do when he was older. The street child had a very simple answer: to work. To work as a recycler who can sell his recycled trash for some money. I smiled at the simplicity of this boy’s wish. It was the follow up question that ruined me for a few days.

“What is your biggest dream?” asked the cameraman. After a few seconds of silence, the boy returned the question with embarrassment “what is a dream? What does “dream” mean?”.

I switched off my phone with teary eyes. Here I was, sleepless, trying to make sense of how cruel the world can be at times.

In this issue we wanted to explore the different definitions of the word “dream”, and what it means to us.

We would like to welcome you to our Odd Month of September:

My Arlene – Sam Aberdeen

Legoa – Selabe Kute

Pretenders – Fazlin Margrose

Green – Zayd Taliep

Ocean Dream – Nada Ahmed

Family For a Night – Nicola Pilkington

The Art of Waiting – Sanelisiwe Yekani

Braamfontein – A Dream Deferred – Selabe Kute

Lifebreath – Bic Parker

Just Go: Thailand – Angelina Tsimberov

Dear Traveler – Sanelisiwe Yekani

She Became the Dream – Tarryn Booysen

Stardust – Riyaaz Margrose

Interview with Nathaniel Sheppard III – Shameelah Khan

Interview with Aliki Saragas – Amy Loureth Worster

We hope that this issue will be inspiring and thought-provoking.

With Love,

Odd Team


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