My Arlene

A Poem

By Sam Aberdeen


Words I should’ve said, my dear Arlene
are now my memories’ echoes
Of new memories that could’ve been
had I not have voiced my woes

There’s so much I want to say, my friend Arlene
That my mind never seems to lack
Perhaps it should remain unseen
The tears I now fight to hold back

I kept it in, my darling Arlene
These emotions that overflow
Of a love that was once keen
Is something you will never know

I still wonder, my precious Arlene
Had I not answered your call
That night you left me broken and lean
So more pieces of my heart will fall

Can I ever forget, my sweet Arlene
the recesses of your storming mind
Of endless days I struggled to mean
What you never intended me to find

They will never know, my beautiful Arlene
The way you looked beyond my soul
Behind restless eyes hazel green
I looked in, fractured pieces of a whole

This is for you, my love Arlene
They will never know much
So rest in my memories, where you belong
And on this page
A poet’s immortalized touch

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