By Riyaaz Margrose


The stars remember
Whispered prayers and hopes
Wet floors from sky tears
Crying for those who cannot be helped
The stars remember the broken ones
Only the broken live when others die

When the world sleeps,
The silence screams at me
I am deaf from its melody
I cannot hear my cries
Is someone still there?
The emptiness replies

For a moment home is where I was
Where I finally felt like I was enough
Given things that made me whole
Things I’ve never had
And “never had” did they stay

Because I cannot love these things
The things I love leave
The things I love are taken away
The things I love are fantasy and delusion
The things I love slip away

And You keep slipping
Through my fingers you fall
Riding my tears to the ground
Taunting me as you float
And I can’t let it go
I hold onto the nothingness

And when my hands hurt
Will you mend the wounds?
And as my eyes blind
Will you dry the tears?
When I am broken
Will you find me where I was left

Left with your stardust,
Little reminders to never forget
Little pieces of my world
Left in your dust,
It’s all I have left of you

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