Compiled by Amy Loureth Worster


Can a photograph keep a secret? This is the question we asked ourselves when we started collating images for the October issue of Odd Magazine. During the process, we were delighted to discover that the answer is “yes”, and, intriguingly, that the photos in this edition ask more questions than they answer. Out of time, and hopelessly out of context, what secrets about humanity’s past are etched into the undying bones of the Taung Child? Spinning the thread of time in the opposite direction, we might ask what great mysteries await us among the stars in the endless expanse of the universe? What unknown voices echo within ourselves, speaking in whispers that carve deep, oblique fault lines between us and the people reflected in the mirror? How many private worlds and untold stories go spinning in and out of our own, personal orbits with every passing car? The solutions to such speculations are unquantifiable, lingering furtively somewhere in the middle distance – just out of reach. May it suffice to say that each photograph in this collection is an enigma painted in light and shade.


Taung Min(e)d

Photo series by Lee Jardine

taung mined 01

According to Lee, “the ambiguity of these photographs of the Taung Child both conveys the materiality of the landscape where the fossil was found and recreates a sense of the investigative nature of mining.”



A Silent Night

Photo by Luke Worster

a silent night

“a silent night. – the most eloquent poem i have ever read.” – Sanober Khan



Photo by Stephanie Blomkamp




Photo by Anonymous


Anonymous says, “This photo was taken through a bus window on a rainy summer’s day in London. Concentrating on getting the raindrops in focus, it was only later that I realised the number of hidden lives present in the photograph – each with their own secret passions, fears, sorrows and joys.”

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