I waited for your message

A Poem

by Lucinda de Leeuw


I waited for your message.

Meanwhile, the sun snuck up; the birds marked their territory; the kettle sung; the dog chased the warmth of the light; the washing machine drone on and on; the dishes clunk, they piled up; the sun watched over the sky; school came out; library books were returned; lazy cousins slept till three in the afternoon; the dog barked, he dug the ground; the birds packed up stock for the day; the stove invited company; the kettle boiled; the television sounded, there was noise; cars hooted; the sun dismantled, the sky smiled forlorn; dinner was served; the conversation welled dry; lights were turned; the moon appeared in its usual majestic manner, I was taken in awe as usual—I felt a tap on my shoulder, the voice behind it said, Get some rest.

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