One by one

A Poem

By Riyaaz Margrose


Step right up, you’re all invited

Come see the monsters inside the asylum

Start with a shave, Sweeney’s our finest

Mrs. Lovett’s pies will leave you delighted

Kids get balloons, turn left for the clown

Parents, don’t worry, he’ll watch them for now

Splashing and screaming? The Pool! That’s the sound

Down here we all float so they’ll never drowned

Off our meds but we’re sure you’ll like it

Tell all your friends they’re missing the racket

Gram it and tweet it and post it and snap it

You want to look cool? We have special jackets

Oh dear, you’re not well? It’s probably the Pie

See Doctor Lecter, go stand in that line

A drip with some morphine, you’ll get it for free

The trip is so good you won’t notice his teeth

NOW run through the halls the purge has begun!

Will you survive? That’s part for the fun

Leatherface, Jason, all need souvenirs

Two faced people are literal in here

If you’re feeling tired there’s plenty of beds

Freddy will show you where you can rest

Those that are standing well we’ve reached the edge

Aren’t you thrilled to be all that’s left?

The Mad Hatter’s asked if you’d join us for tea

Sugar and poison, you’re down on one knee

A proposal!? No, you’re just struggling to breath

I guess no one told you that we’re all crazy

So step right up ‘cause you’re all invited

All of the psychos will make it exciting

We’ll put on a show there’s nothing worth hiding

Only the best inside this asylum

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