A Step into the light

A Short Story

By Dale Oram


As the sweat from his forehead rolls slowly into his glazed and sunken eyes, the man stands alone silently within the shadows of the rectangular room. He stares intensely at the flickering light hanging before him whilst he nervously waits for the inevitable.

His Face as white as snow, occasionally flinching in terror whilst his body jolts upright with each harrowing scream that comes from the woman lying restlessly before him.

He knows the screams will soon cease to exist and the piercing cries will shortly follow, but all this man can do is watch anxiously, frozen to the spot whilst a part of the woman he loves is slowly ripped open inch by inch.

Then, in a blink of an eye, It happens. A deafening silence, followed shortly by the expected high-pitched crying.

His body goes limp as he uncontrollably takes a step out of the shadows and in the light for all to see. It was at this moment the man knew his fate has been sealed.

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