Masks of a Broken Man

A Poem

By Helikaon


He sits in a cave, the warmth of the fire heating his body but not melting his heart. He thinks of her and the sorrow that once plagued him no longer exists. Reaching for his rucksack he takes out a book she had given him and a pen. She had once said to him, “May you never have to say, ‘What if?’”. He stares into the crackling flames and thinks of her, a slow smile creeping to his face as he begins to write:


Betrayed by love,

Broken and sullied

A mere shade of the man I once was


A master of masks,

An enigma to all but myself

A mere shade of the man I once was




A man I did not want to be




A man I longed to be


Horribly broken

Feebly fixed

A man on a journey


Encased in ice

A man on a journey that has not ended

My heart will always belong to you.