Misplaced Identity

A Poem

By Kylie Fisher

Misplaced Identity 
Variables that do not coincide 
Never controlled by will
But rather dependent on circumstances 
There is a normalized detachment 
For all things in life appear to be transitional 
Here and there, here nor there 

No claim on land or on policy 
Living in a state of ambiguity
Syncopated Livelihood  
Tongues twisted in a different way 
Articulated with imbalance

Most notice the contrast of my complexion 
When it does not meet expectation 
There seems to be a confusion 
“What are you, again?”

I wonder would it be different if I was placed 
Rooted in their familiar 
Partook in their common 
Common Wealth 
Commonalties seem like casualties to me

My identity takes a different form 
It doesn’t follow what is on my form 
It is found in the silence of the wind
And in the heartbeat of family 
Supported by a friend
Caressed by a lover

There is a freedom in knowing that my identity is unrefined
Misplaced sometimes undervalued 
More importantly, I desire to place claim over myself 
Instead of being defined by others