An Article

By Nicholas Bruce


He had long since made peace with all that lurked in the shadows. Meeting demons with a will of steel forged out of gnosis, and laughing off the chaotic whispers of the ones that crept up invisibly, that would await any energetic opening in order to sabotage and feed. The disguised ones always had a tell, and even the ones offering nectar of the gods would not tell him how much he should drink; that, he had learned, was for him to discern.

He had met all obstacles, real or imagined, between current and potential, and found that all along, it wasn’t that one held the key to any one reality, but rather that reality was a series of constantly forming doorways through which one could enter.

Here, ultimately, he knew the wisdom of consensus, yet also the backtracking, stagnancy, circling, cautious treading and misguidance of it.

Consensus, he had decided, was at best an ethical reference point. And the promises of a utopian future paved by the positive intentions of dreamers, that the political systems inevitably would have to integrate, might always be held just out of reach until such time as one agenda could be satisfied: perpetuating the illusion of progression. As long as the macrocosm had a negative supplied to it that could draw all of its attention, the microcosm could be fed. And it would continue until such time as the foundations realised they were foundations upon which pretty, and heavy, monuments stood.

And all around him, he sees people realising they have woken up in someone else’s dream, disoriented, still on their backs, some turning over to go back to sleep, some bolt upright. And the indignant and angry are on the precipice of it…

Never to become despondent, but instead to honour the inner light sparked by friendship, love and passion.

In the end, memories flicker in the reel of a lifetime, to a soundtrack of white noise, and then the familiar enfolding darkness preceding a final breath. He has seen it and felt it before, and heavenwards, it begins again…

… Until he has accepted he has the ability to teleport, conjure fire, time travel and visit higher dimensions, of course. Oh, hang on, he does… well then, he will just have to learn to make peace with immortality. Every moment held as sacred, and then let go to the next.