An Odd Music Spotlight

3 Artists That Are Gonna Change Your Life

By Taahir Kamal Chagan

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

– Plato


Without Music, Life would be a mistake.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Whether you prefer Plato’s delightful imagery or Nietzsche’s absolute bluntness – as 2018 kicks into gear, here are three outstanding musicians who are tugging at our heartstrings.  


  1. Yellow Days

George van den Broek, who goes by the stage name Yellow Days, is the latest in a long list of British musical talent we’ve been graced with. His sound is a stunning blend of Neo-Soul, Blues, Jazz and Indie, and he has a very distinctive voice and some slick fingers on the electric guitar.

Only 18-years-old, but you would never have thunk it. His lyrics – filled with emotional vulnerability, empathy, and philosophical insight – reveal a young man who is wise beyond his years. All this, interspersed with the upbeat, uplifting sound he’s created is a winning combination.

EP: Harmless Melodies (2016)
Album: Is Everything Okay In Your World? (2017)
My Favourite Tracks: A Little While, That Easy, Weight of the World


  1. Joji

With smash hit Will He pushing around 20 million views on Youtube, it’s safe to say that George Miller, better known as Joji, has had a good start to his music career.

In 2017 the Japanese-Australian musician released his debut EP, In Tongues, which explores a range of genres over its 6 tracks, drawing from Alternative RnB, Indie, and Trap influences. The record has a delicious, dark, heart-break feel that you find yourself wanting to slow-dance to… over and over again.

EP: In Tongues (2017)
My Favourite Tracks: Will He, Demons, WordStar Money


  1. Zhao Lei (赵雷)

In 21st Century China, Folk Music hasn’t been particularly popular. But Beijing-born Zhao Lei is changing all that. His songs are innovative and lovingly crafted, incorporating a host of instruments that add rich textures in a kaleidoscope of colour and charm.

Zhao Lei’s 2016 album (Unable To Grow Up) spurned the hit single Chengdu which went viral, bringing millions of listeners’ attention to the singer’s poetic lyrics and gorgeous melodies. Many people have since begun looking at Modern Folk Music with new eyes.

Albums:  赵小雷 (Zhao xiaolei) 2011,吉姆餐厅 (Jim’s Restaurant) 2014, 无法长大 (Unable To Grow Up) 2016
My Favourite Tracks: 吉姆餐厅 (Jim’s Restaurant), 玛丽 (Mary),成都 (Chengdu)


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