Brown Wonder, Will You Look At Me?

A Poem

By Nkateko Masinga

Will you look at me
when you have stopped trying
to re-enact the Great Flood with your tears?

I have questions for you:

Of all the things that you inherited from your mother,
why is it loss that you turned into an heirloom?

Do you know that flowers do not take lessons on how to bloom,
that they do not need affirmation of their beauty,
that they never think ‘maybe I’m not doing this right’
just because another flower has petals
of a different colour?

Do you want a list of reasons why you are precious?
You are a golden brown wonder of a woman.
That is number one
to one-hundred
on the list.

Do you know
that you are your mother’s favourite breathing thing?
You have taken your last breath many times
but she has prayed
for all these second
(and third)

Will you look at me?
Or maybe you already know
That even when you look away,
you are a miracle:
a magical brown wonder of a woman.