darling i daresay

A Poem

By Juwayriya Bemath

my dear, she was crystal
darling i daresay
she was molten glass —
trace down her skin and let us find her miles of secrets

come inside;

blood and sinew
red rivers of magic
bone, spark and betrayal

come inside;

there it is
the gleam of an ember

[ like a coin in a storm drain ]


a clanging coin clink that
words unsaid
a dark, menacing gutter that


distant cries of a girl
— torn —
by shards of depravity
— thrust —
out of earshot

you’re inside;

darling i daresay
a coin has two sides
battered, bruised, broken
raw, resilient, rampant
and they flail ever so wildly

fiery fingers shutting you away
now out comes a woman to say

never enter again.