Notes on Duplicity

A Poem

By Juwayriya Bemath

her charm is like music to whomever will stop to listen
profoundly stirring
beguilingly invoking
deeply resonant
cunningly ensnaring

A tinkling in the dark
promising comfort and a gentle whisper
A lullaby that rocks him to sleep in the early hours of the morning
– s p e l l b o u n d –

well-composed nothings that seduce him like anklets.
Steady, rhythmic, choreographed.
– m e s m e r i z e d –

a raucous arrangement
steady doldrums at 3am
– e n r a p t u r e d-

a calculated flute-like sadism,
he’s a vile, venomous viper.
dancing to her tune.
– e n c h a n t e d –

a siren song lulling into the depths
of a stirring stormy sea
wild and violent
– b e w i t c h e d –

her charm is like music
and he’ll hear
what she wants him to