The Trial

A Poem

By Chariklia Martalas


I’m on the stand
My hands wiping away the deluge
Of sweaty sins
As the judge peers with forgotten eyes
I am not a human
But a perpetrator
Of wishful thinking
The verdict would be not to dream

Gaze at me oh jury
Am I on trial against delusions?
Praying, hoping you understand
My crime was only wanting something more
Fantasy a dull weapon
I know I have killed the other half
As she was a contradiction to who I wanted to be
Even if she was the truth
Or what you told me was the truth

The prosecutor shouting at me
‘Why didn’t you stay in reality?’
‘I tried’ I cry out
There is a ripple in the crowd
A disbelief
She wanted another world
Take a picture as proof
She is guilty of treason
Against things as they are

The last statement of the defence
Maybe they can save me
One of them speaks:

‘You will preside your judgment
Upon the head of a poor girl
Chasing an escape from the real world
For the vision did not seem complete
And so she smashed into pieces
The mask you thought was real
So she could realize something
Purer than reality
In the distant land of her dreams
Running away into a self-made fort
Was not to keep away the truth
But invite it in
For only in the darkness of a delusional world
Can the mirror reflect
What is in the crevices of the real
Which is more than you will ever do
In your human made hologram
That you are too frightened to crack’

The defence rests
The court adjourns
The judge in silence

I will be summoned tomorrow