Nostalgia – A Place I know

A Photo-series

By  Luthfiyyah Rahman 


The feeling of nostalgia is the theme for this photo essay. The term nostalgia is formed from a Greek word nostos which means “return” and algos which means “suffering”. It can be described as an emotional longing for past events or homesickness and childhood memories. Things such as music, places and important people to us, will capture the warm dim glow that nostalgia brings to our hearts.

The images visually represented are meant to connect with all other senses so the viewer can remember the tastes, smells and feelings within that particular environment, like a frozen place in time. From a view of an outside garden taken with a heavy veil in front of it, suitcases placed next to a door with an old Spanish guitar, a wall with a cracked hole and old portraits all around it; everyone has had a time in their life where they had to walk away from something. These photos will latch on to those memories and bring the feeling of longing closer to shore.