A Poem

By Juwayriya Bemath

eyes —
those windows to the soul,
those glassy beads of truth —
open up the lids
the dark, cavernous retreat
the cold, painfully resonant desolation
your emetic white lies
they have me
s p u t 
t e r 
i n g
like a fish out of murky water
your harsh gaze threatens to unravel my threads
and plunge my well-guarded depths
these flailing arms barely visible among the thrashing waves of distraction you so gracefully ride as i struggle to keep afloat and capsize among the driftwo—
devoid of emotion;
yearning for warmth
— freezing —
a hunger for intimacy
— starving —
those eyes
those sullied eyes
the ghost held in the shell of those remorseless eyes
is only me