A Poem

By Sarah Leck

“Did you live with the elephants?”

we were talking about recent holidays,
yours to Laos, mine to Phuket
said you loved the slow lifestyle
sleeping in the woods in shacks with geckos and lizards

hearing the sighs of elephants dreaming:

they were your favourite

“You really stole the cream from your boss’ cake?”

a laugh that tinkled,
one I’d try to elicit many times after
I had to take my revenge on his incompetence
i grinned at the image

a ballsy girl who dared
a vicious scoop

“You should take an elephant to work,
ride in and stomp all over his office”
me, playing the fool,
eager to hear your laughter
a bell that called me home

You always came back to me
even if i left ever so often to socialise;
it was my gig, my party, after all
There were fireworks that night
you, too?
in the dimness of the bar, they
lit up the space between us
i saw only your face
“There’s a party next weekend. Come!”
eyes twinkling,

“We’ll see each other again
I’m sure of it”