Sonnet for Jamie

A Poem

By Brendon Booth-Jones

I was born in the snow of a powerful trance.
I was born in black and white

but I cried in colour.
I was born blind-drunk on love

in the coldest summer.
I was born again and again

but each time
I opened my eyes they turned the page

back to the salty pillar.
Behind the flames their devil danced.

When were you born? You could never tell
what you were never asked.

I wasn’t born yesterday.
I was born tomorrow.



Brendon Booth-Jones was born in New Zealand, spent his formative years in post-apartheid South Africa, and currently resides in England. His photographs, poems and prose have appeared in Amaryllis, Botsotso, Neologism, Verdancies, Zigzag and elsewhere.