Shack Dweller

An Artwork

by Sacro Ngobese

While extreme poverty continues to be one of the main challenges of our time and is a major concern of the international community, ending this scourge will require the combined effort of government, society, organizations and the private sector.

There is both vulnerability and strength found within the poverty-stricken slums throughout the world. In the midst of heavy burdens that these communities face, such as lack of money and food, poor sanitation, polluted water, and exposure to hazardous waste, many of the people are strong-willed and resourceful.

Some open shops in these poor areas, selling products, providing computer access, and services. Making do with what they can find, they are a celebration of humanity in the middle of tragedy.

My work demonstrates the perilous situation that the world’s poor face, the social problems, as well as the strength that is demonstrated as they struggle to survive.  I hope to bring larger awareness to the problem of poverty through my work and on a deeper level, to express the full experience of humanity, the good, bad and in-between.