A Poem

By Tijana Šarac

That it had been the end

Never occurred to me

For it was being buried

And set free at once

From every expectation

Held against life

None could rescue

But neither imprison


What would become

Of me

If I were to let go

Of it

false hope, fair illusion

What a dangerous addiction

That lusty high, dreadful low

Rushing through the veins

Only to manifest as deception

For the eyes are shut


To reality and existence and

Its wonderful horrors. Dare!

To open them.

Never did it occur to me

That it had been the end

For it was being born

And giving birth at once

Being torn and created again

And again

A heart shattering to pieces

And falling in love again

Once again

Leaving anguish and blood

Revealing passion and honey