Joburg tension

A Photo-series

By Zulu Desperado

I’m a street photographer based in Johannesburg. I think I’m trying to capture my experiences within the heart of the city of Jo’burg. Most of my images are triggered by flashbacks of feelings and memories, and some come as the overall feeling of the city currently and the characters who occupy the spaces. I find myself capturing what I thought the city was to what it is becoming.

Jo’burg can never be too familiar. Hence there is some sort of what I think is dramatic suspense in scenes and disconnections among characters. The fear of the city seems to be the biggest motivation since it never goes away, no matter how familiar you are with the streets. I’ve learned to live with what feels like an illusion or paranoia feeling that everyone has a hidden agenda.

The CBD transforms and changes with the same fast pace of its streets, and it is not friendly. I’m continuously drawn to the edge of all the chaos, the short quiet moments, which is where I exist. Colour plays an important role in my photography, I’m learning how certain colours affect the feeling of an image.