No foreigners here

A Poem

By Natalia Molebatsi

this city carries no foreigners
only indigenous plans of this world
this village is a planet and a river bank
a stolen space a future uprooted

this world is a road, and a constellation of stars watching from above,
this continent is a life in itself,
it wakes, it breathes and plays with water
to keep its children safe

i want you to be open and be inside the song inside the city of your bones
the laments of the woman who is me in another body
another village, a market in a faraway land that is not foreign
but a dancefloor of thoughts and leftover poems

i want to be all people
get lost inside the breathing, the earthing, the dying
take in the praying, the laughter
the eyelids batting

we are all tounges speaking home
in sepedi, fulani, mandingo,
wolof, arabic, kikuyu, zulu skies open
wide, gentle enough for all people