the body’s borders are both coven and covenant

A Poem

By Nkateko Masinga

i want the fire without the cult
small chops and malt
at the family reunion & not a sacrifice in sight
no-one’s daughter a lamb to the slaughter 

no small god called an uncle
with too many faces & not one of them holding restraint in the mouth
too many hands & none of them clutching a Bible

i want the gospel without the gun
praise songs without the weeping

no howling woman at the pulpit
“i left my daughter sleeping
& found her bleeding” 

no border traversed
no veil, torn
once holy
now wholly shattered

& months later
no daughter’s daughter born
to a fallen god called an uncle

spill the blood of the covenant
spill the water of the womb

let there be no boundary crossed
let there be no innocence lost