two strangers walk into a bar…

A Poem

By Juwayriya Bemath

shaken by the decadence
and heavily stirred by the tantalising promise of amusement
swallowed whole by wide hungry eyes
they melted into the shadows
those twin souls who stayed till after last call

as though they had met there before
and paged through each others’ minds
as though they hadn’t already cracked spines
and clanked glasses
with wet fingers and dog-eared curiosity
thrills running through their slicked veins

how were they to know where the one ended and the other began
when they were boundless
without distinction in a smoke-filled room
each revelling in the others company
no boundaries
dizzying pleasure being sipped and lapped up
happy hour never quite flitting by

by the sting of wit and charm
like vermouth on an empty stomach
the warmth in their fingers
the blood rushing to their heads
the comforting notion of stumbling together
through the quiet darkness
each like a well-paired wine within the others grasp
with the kind of honesty known only to love-drunk fools
— and an impending regret known only to the hungover —