A Poem

By Aaliyah Kara

Before, after conception,

circumambulating a womb

deaf to the noise of

chatter loitering outside,

choking on scratchy air

where now, lungs

and life are submerged

struggling with every single

breath, a tide-like force

shoving in one direction

as the self cultivates

its own restraint to swim

away into the convoluted

quietness of the mind’s amnion.


Curled up , tumble- turning

through waves of epiphany;

a motion familiar since

the times of rising and falling

in a mother’s belly,

waves of wonder cascading

cerebral impulses that 

I transverse with gills

I have grown to propel

myself further and faster

through every storm

all the time, knowing,

someday, we shall all

glide back, alone.