Biko’s Dead: A Poem for Steve Biko

A Poem

By Sinenhlanhla Shelembe

I saw biko on TV

I saw biko on TV

I am convinced he was drunk.

He was saying he loves Hitler.

I am not sure why he was saying this, he failed to explain it.

biko has always been articulate and succinct

but yesterday he was very incoherent.

I was embarrassed,

why would biko love Hitler?

does he know that Hitler hated Blacks more than Jews?

does biko know that to be black is to be an enemy of the world?

we must introduce biko to black consciousness.

I saw biko in court

I saw biko in court

he was fighting to be a member of parliament

his lawyers were white

I was embarrassed,

I never thought I would ever see biko fighting for a salary

we must teach biko that there are other things that are more important than money

I saw biko in Club Sway

he was drunk

he wore a red beret and was drinking Ciroc

he seemed to be enjoying it

I saw biko again in the Daily Sun newspaper

he owed R16 million in tax

I pledged my last R30 to contribute towards paying his tax

I keep on seeing Biko.