Mediterranean Man and Train to Everywhere

A Poem

By Priyanka Roopnarain

I crossed paths once
some time ago in a dead night
with a man from the Mediterranean
an exchange of the heart
Of spirit! Of soul! Of words!
burrowing into me
Medusa and her snakes
God is alive, god is dead
and i am left
In delusions, in disillusionment, in disarray
the path i crossed, i visit again, again, again
I could not forget
that man.

Train to Everywhere

I was on a train once in the winter
of the Mediterranean
Barcelona seemed brimming, alight
I was still
I had never blinked on this journey
I knew in those moments I would miss
this life,
the only place I felt at home was not my
humble place of residence down by the
tip of Africa
But in the times of transit, of journey, of potential
of flight
It is bitter for me to return
When I was meant for the volatile depth of blue,
A foreign shore that changes under each blink
I sit now
impatient, unrelenting, hungry
and only by the light of a loyal moon
this soul does soothe.