How Much is Your Bible?

An Op-ed

By Xola Stemele

The expense on faith climbs heavily on financial adjustments, the acceptance of currency, currently being sucked out of the people, the ghettos, the taverns and the influence of speculated non-existence from those regarded as heathens. Justifying all taxations related to breathing, giving away your powers to the intangible, yet Ivory and yet personified. Subjected to the demands of the moulded, the ones withholding crucial information shedding light on irremovable moments, instead of a vague promise of an afterlife, or wildfire in your vibe, masquerading as the one and only, to unknowing minds.

How much is your bible? Revelations normally are interchangeable, apart from the names, the narrative eventually remains the same, it all ENDS. In-between the games, customs tend to go back to its origin. Its centre, based on the callings of the internal. Whenever nature, being the sun, progresses into the maternal, black people crave the warmth embodied within the circle. As unity is resurrected, what occurs is a rejection on the texts written on so-called fate, or destiny, confined to upside down signs taken from the black and forsaken. When did money predict the ability of a church to carry on its purpose? Where then is its highest point? Billionaire priests? At this point in time, the worth of a degree is held higher than a baptism certificate, yet there are far more churches and way less learning institutions for people to equip themselves with solution, understanding and reference to ways that create a visible difference in the conditions of their living. In South Africa, several thousands of young students are excluded by reasons of space, or academic “requirements”, or simply not having enough money.

Today, the faith one gives to another can be summed up into figures translating a language of shallow transparency, one that is no longer regarded as disgraceful due to the acceptance of money, being the underliner, as well as the overtone that connotes itself fashionably into every facet of society. How then does it happen that the church is unable to solve a problem that it claims to know from the root? Christians are able to claim confidently and with pride that these are the last days, this is God’s plan, whereas all these things which signify the end, are happening to black people in comparison to other races. More importantly is the fact that this end is something that has been conceded to be the truth, meaning that it is seen as unalterable, unchangeable, something which cannot be “helped” unless one gives into a notion that they are powerless to the constructs of a reality they enabled to EXIST. In order to enter a heavenly kingdom that is described AND given to us by people who have in the past openly admitted to aspiration of black extermination.

In these times then, where blacks are dying each day from a multitude of ill-reasoning and sunlessness, what is the role of the church in bringing a solution to the decaying of black life? When money has been proven to be the best means of change and power in this world, how is the church helping black people make money? Basically, how is the church helping in empowering the communities who face struggles that discourage a child from thinking higher and further than the negativity that has cemented itself in the character of those around him? The church suggests that one removes themselves from the negativity when in actuality the money one needs to survive and tithe, is found in the same world which is said to be avoided. How then can religion offer escape to the poor when it is the same thing it entertains, being money?

How many millionaires has the church made outside of itself? Because if decisions are made by those who afford, how does the church not intervene using the same power it is given to create equality among its people? It can’t because it helps in the maintaining of a complex which defines blacks as unable to do anything without first being “saved”. Keeping this mind of dependence which hinders on our ability to see ourselves as being nothing more than creatures who are here just to produce and die. But apart from that, if really the words in the bible are immeasurable, how does it also have a price?
And how are rights passed on scriptures that reflect the necessary? Is it not taxed out of favour for the poor? Or is it not taxed because it, like everything else, can make money for those who are making it? With that said, how much is your bible?