Daily Mundane or Wilderness

Some Excerpts

By Hlabi Moetanalo

11 April 2019

Worked today.
Tried to think of something profound.
All I could think of was this.

12 April 2019

Face itchy, fuck.
I have pimples on my cheek.
My other cheek too.

19 April 2019

I took a selfie tonight
I took several.
Three, maybe more.

20 April 2019

Smoking an irregular cigarette.
Sometimes I miss loving romantically.

8 May 2019

I needed a day to reflect.
The depression is still here, the tightness is still here.
However yesterday I was reminded of two things.
The universe is still the same and my best friend loves me.

28 May 2019

M: Are you going to eat this pizza?

H: No. You can have it.

M: Hayi, no.

H: ?!

M: I don’t eat snakes

H: Wha? It’s a salmon pizza.

M: I don’t eat snake.

H: Salmon is a fish.

M: Have you seen its head? Fish have heads.

H: Salmon is a fish!

M: When you go buy fish they have heads! Every fish that’s a fish has a head.

H: …

M: Salmon just has a body. There’s no separate head. It’s a snake.

H: But… Ok.