The Place That Gave Me Inner Peace

A Photo Series

By Amir Bagheri

During my two years of living in Japan, I had decided that I would try my best to live in the present and experience everything to the fullest. I took fewer photographs than I had initially anticipated; in return, I carried all my memories with me, so dearly, in my heart and mind.

This, however, did not stop me from capturing certain moments that I knew I wanted to bring to life beyond nostalgia. The body of work below is a collection of some of these moments.

This is the Apartment Loft I lived in for two years, in Takamatsu.


I cycled through this road every day, on my way to work.


I cycled passed this house every day on my way to work.


Yakuri Station was the closest local train station to my apartment.


Mt. Yashima. My place of comfort, during tough times.


A chilly spring day in central Takamatsu.


The entrance to the longest shopping arcade in Takamatsu.


Street corners of central Takamatsu.


Despite being considered a small town, Takamatsu’s youth tried to keep up with the trends, through small designer boutiques.


An abandoned house on the island of Megijima.


An industrial ship, sailing through the Seto Inland Sea.


The Atomic Bomb Dome is one of the only remaining structures of the old Hiroshima city after the effects of the atomic bomb dropped by the U.S. troops.


Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate.