Bell Hooks

A Poem

By Shameelah Khan

The new school

of thinking 


in it 

the personal is political 


the personal is political

Can this be affirmed, confirmed, reformed (‘RE”)

 over time please? 

Real love 

Let that sink in:      R E A L   L O V E 

ideological- spaces- of- race- construction- in- between

Trauma and recovery could be inter-generational 

How do we begin to digest and inherit loss?

What about you? 

Where do you hold your loss? 

Please note: the above is in italics: 

un-thank- you 

The womYn create intersectionality


NB: underline things that are important. 

 Bell Hooks Once Said:

Our childhood is formulated through childhood scripts:

is this childhood scripture? 

this line is quite long in comparison. But you must read. READ. hashtag: BECAUSE I HAVE READ

We must-or-you-maybe-just-me-or both-of-us 

We must write the story of how we wish things to be 

Sylvia Plath was also falling apart

Bell Hooks said: This above all else, refuse to be a victim

Repeat refuse to be a V I C T I M 


The Bell Hooks Institution