A Short Story

By jec young

We sat under the corrugated roof of the Bowls club for as long as we could until the desperate longing that had grown between us- and the thirty-degree heat- grew too much and we had surrendered. 

As soon as we were in the car with the air con on, we were on each other, but a security guard tapped the window with a torch and told us to go away, so we went back to her apartment. Upstairs she handed me a glass of water, cool beads of condensation running little trails down across my fingers that when she wasn’t looking I quickly kissed up, or let fall on the back of my neck to dampen my collar. I watched her as she went and turned on a fan in the corner and it flipped her hair back and forth, revealing the damp crevice of her neck then hiding it again and I thought about nuzzling into it.

She went out and into the other room and came back with another fan and put that on too- same thing with the neck crevice and also her skirt this time. She went to open the windows but a wall of heat hit her as she levered the pane back so she quickly shut it again.  We laughed about the heat and we got undressed- not just because we wanted to be naked but because it was so hot. 

It was so hot by then that the clothes peeled off in damp sheets that suctioned to your back. I had to quickly reach down and unstick myself from my thigh and dab at my pubic hair with my already moist shirt. I turned around and saw her glistening, although she wasn’t just glistening she was dripping- but not in the sexual way- I mean that she was streaming sweat and then I realised so was I. I laughed and said- Hold on a mo’- and I ran out and into her bathroom and I turned on the cold water in the shower and I jumped in and out and dried off quickly and went back to find her standing with her hair now a wet curtain around her face.

It was so, so hot. 

I started to feel woozy then, I thought – Oh my god, I want her so bad I can’t stand, my knees are weak for her- but they weren’t- it was the air, it was the heat, the humidity, the density of the air was choking my lungs and dragging me down- it was so hot I was drowning in the air. We came towards each other and connected with a plop, a wet plop as our leaking pores met. We recoiled staying connected by only the lips- we wanted it, we needed it, but it was just so hot. It can never have been this hot ever- not this hot not once, not since the ice age melted off. We were at the tail end of the melt it seemed and it was hot- we looked at each other and said- It’s hot- again. We plopped again against each other and for a moment the sticky sweaty feeling was good- This is good! – our sweat was mingling in some kind of alchemical way; we were going to do it! 

She climbed on top of me, back to glistening now, and she was perfect. She was about to put me inside her but all of a sudden she lost her grip due to all of that sweat. She fumbled for a bit and looked embarrassed so I thought I’d help but in the commotion she slipped right off me, and then to make it worse she slipped right off the bed onto the floor. To my surprise I heard a splash.

I crawled quickly to the edge of the drenched bed and looked over at her. She was lying in three or four centimetres of water. Mrs Khumalo downstairs must have had a steady stream of sweat running down her light fittings as we speak, we were going to sweat her out of house and home, but we couldn’t help it- we weren’t even doing anything yet-

It was just so, so, so hot. 

The water was creeping up the legs of the bed now, and I reached down to pull her up back to safety. We flopped for a moment, two naked sweaty fish out of water, and I think both of us for a moment wondered where the fuck all this water could even have come from, we’re just two normal sized people- just normal sized people drowning in our inhuman amounts of sweat who after all only wanted to fuck. 

Well now the water had soaked through everything below knee height, and the mattress was beginning to float. We were adrift at sea, two lovers, adrift in an ocean of our own making. It was too much for us and we threw ourselves against one another in an anguished yell. We weren’t even trying to do it properly anymore, just being against one another, near one another- slippery tongues lashing up the salt water excretions of our ecstasy was enough for us. The mattress rocked back and forth and splashed happily along as we sweated because remember- 

It was so, so,  so, so hot. 

By now the water was pressing on the windows, it was spouting out through the old decaying grouting, people below were looking up confused by the sudden drizzle only to get it in their fish gaping mouths. Maybe it cooled them down and they were happy but probably they got a bit angry and thought “who’s pissing off that roof?” or something before stomping off. It was then I fell off the mattress.

I’m not a good swimmer I only just managed to keep my face above water, and then she latched onto my mouth with her own- unwilling to let what had begun between us falter but also unable to recognise I couldn’t breathe. The water was so high she was being pressed against the ceiling so she slid off the mattress to join me in the ocean of our lust. The water forced its way up my nose, and found its way down my oesophagus and I couldn’t cough it out because there was no air in my lungs. I stopped trying to swim- there was nowhere to go anyway- and groped blindly through the water for her before she took hold of me. She wrapped her legs around me and I felt myself enter her as we sank to the floor of the apartment. Above the mattress and all of the fans and some of her old books rocked back and forth and splashed happily.