Naked Brown Girls

A Poem

By Miriam Gayize

The place beneath
my left breast will
echo the thumping
of my heart and
you will place your warm
hand there
and caress my anxiety
but slowly
you will form part of me

You will run your thumb
over my dark brown nipple
and my soul will ripple
at your touch

“Is this too much?”
You will ask
while your eyes search
for any sign of my discomfort
and I will shake my head with
a rapid

“I want this,”
like Mama’s porridge on
a Sunday morning
like a foreigner searching
for peace on new land
“I hope you understand.”
I will say and
you will push me
onto the
the bed covers
and we’ll be lovers

brown eyes will
stare between
brown thighs
and your
brown lips will
kiss slowly
over my naked
brown chest
and naked brown
and your
brown fingers will
slide over
my naked wet folds
and my
soft sighs will
make you groan
and your tongue will
make me moan
and make me feel
my naked brown hips will
connect with yours
as our naked
loud cries filter through
the walls
and my hands will tremble
in your curls
our naked brown lips
will meet in a heated dance
to the drum
and we will both lead
we will be
naked brown girls