Editor’s Note: September 2019

By jec young

I’ve started setting very little fires. They go


when I light them- or actually they only go


because they’re really very little.

I set the very little fires on things and I run off humming the prodigy song that they used in Charlie’s Angels-



So the fires go eating up the air, tearing apart all the chemical bonds- mere anarchy is loosed upon the world- and I feel a little bit better about the fact that the Amazon is burning and the economy is eating me for minimum wage and that actually there’s nothing I can do about any of it. Someone else keeps making big decisions so I keep setting little fires.


They’re small but they’re ravenous and you can’t help but feel they’re desperate to live- desperate to survive and in that way sometimes I regret it. I regret that I’ve created that little chaos, that mere anarchy that eats the air, cinders the paper I used to start it and that sets little sparks sailing in the night- because any minute now someone is going to come over and put it out.


I read another newspaper article today that made me want to set something on fire because I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried a lot of stuff like meditating and like voting and like changing my consumption patterns and actually I go to protests quite often, but in the end I keep waking up feeling out of control- so tomorrow I’m going to set something else on fire to make someone come and put it out. If I wake up and feel out of control again, that is.


The little fires that I like to set are for a second something I can control, before almost instantly I lose control again, just like all the other times,but it’s there when I strike the lighter and twist up the paper.

Control isn’t something I have, it doesn’t seem, but this month at Odd we’re looking at what it is, where it is, and how it got there.


In this issue: 

Poetic Horror – Susie Gharib
Puppy-beast-fucks-better – Numa Dávila
Gauteng is a lie – Kgabo Mohlamme
Trapped – Zaki Mlaba
Thrice – Susie Gharib
To God – Yumnah Jones
Walls – Nkateko Masinga
The Old Boy – Vusi Masuku
Takeaway Coffee – Emma Michelle Porter
Push/Pull – Nkateko Masinga
Control – Hannah Williams

Photo Series:
Umthwalo – Mokone Mphela
Daring to Live – Mzoxolo Vimba

Book Review:
Selected Works of Robert Frost – Melissa Fortuin

Flow – Callum Kuhl

Rebirth – Sultana