A Poem

By Zaki Mlaba

Trapped by the same place that frees me.
My mind is my finding and hiding place.
I find new worlds
Worlds to hide in.
I find new words
Words to hide behind.
I find myself
I hide myself.
I find my thoughts
I hide my thoughts.
Never knowing if a door
Is an exit or an entrance.
Never knowing if there’s
A way out
Or a way in.
Never knowing if I want
To leave or stay.
Did I lock that door
Or has it always been locked?
My mind is a fascinating place.
Always locked
Always open.
Always lost
Always finding.
Always mine
Always going
Always leaving.
I always want to open doors
And leave them open.
For hellos
For goodbyes.
For what the cat drags in.
Still trapped.
Still trapped.