Editor’s Note: October 2019

By Amir Bagheri


The therapist then asked him, “are there any specific incidents, or rather memories, that you can think of? Moments that make you sad? Even currently… are there any triggers that take make you feel emotional?”

“No…” he said, “there weren’t any specific incidents. My childhood, the whole thing, was painful. The whole thing was a trigger. From the second I woke up until the moment I fell asleep.


The Therapist had told him about “brain spotting” and she had recommended that he should give it a try if he was ready to face the traumas he had once experienced.

He started with a smile on his face. She asked him to keep his eye locked on the red pointer, and think about one question, “What is the point of it all?”.

He had kept his eyes locked on the pointer. Emotionless. Expressionless.

“What is the point of it all?” he thought.

In that next hour, with his eyes locked on the pointer, he had experienced happiness, sadness, excitement, anger, and most importantly, peace; he had experienced his inner peace again. It was like a trip, the ones you usually experience when you do psychedelics.

There he was, once again faced with bits and pieces of this puzzle he called life.

That’s all the time we have for today. I hope to see you next week” She said as she stood up to open the door for him.

Until then, then…” he said and walked out of her room.

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