A Photo Essay

By Michael Phasha

Residents of “Makause ”, an informal settlement in Primrose, Germiston have been waiting for  The Housing Department and the Government to fulfill the promise of building proper houses and  sanitation for the community since 2008. Residents say only few people were moved from Primrose Squatter Camp to Tsakane near Boksburg in 2015, the place was an open space with RDP toilets only and no houses had been built. Some of the residents couldn’t move to Tsakane because they could not afford R60 a day of transportation, as most of the residents work in the Germiston area, while others in the Johannesburg CBD. “it is better to stay in a shack with no electricity and walk every day to save up money” said Ennie Matsimela, a long time resident of Makause.

“Makause” has been existing for 25 years, the area was declared a dangerous area by Government because it had been used as a mine in the 80’s and had been closed down in the 90’s. People had decided to camp in the area to be closer to their place of work and to cut down on travelling costs. The area is made up of a high number of people that are unemployed due to lack of job opportunities and skills. A great majority of the people living in the informal settlements either work as  Garden Workers, Maids or Security Officers.

After the 2019 Election, The Ekurhuleni Municipality introduced the solar system in the area and some of the residents stood against it. The residents accused the Government of mocking them for not taking them serious and that is not what they have voted for.