City Folklor

A Photo Series

by Lena Luga

“City Folklore” is a photographic serie, which was created from April until August 2019 in Prague and Bratislava. Its goal is to portray people from close circles or just random individuals.

The photographs depict non-models often in rather bizarre poses. Personal stories of photographed characters reveal their mood, personality and spontaneity. They have their dreams, feelings, anxiety and visions. The author of the serie closely works with a broad spectrum of personalities (LGBTQI; people of various nationalities, races, skin colors; levels of disabilities and concepts of beauty). She makes them feel important and exceptional. Some of her models were captured on camera for the first time. They overcame themselves; their ongoing struggle with shyness and personal discomfort, as well as disruptance of their intimacy.

Lena Luga is not attracted by mainstream beauty; she rather seeks non-traditional an unique one.

Photography – Lena Luga

Assitence, styling- Marcat