Editor’s Note: November 2019

By Nicholas Bruce

At this time of day, the sea is painted the colour of cherries, the wind cutting jagged patterns into the swell. A wave rises, hanging onto the idea of lifting skyward as long as possible, before falling with a crash against the orange rocks.

The spray catches in the evening breeze, creating dazzling colours that do not stop the missioning gulls from their seaside vigil.

Maybe my thoughts about the moment distract me too long, probably, because the next thing I know an enormous wave from an incoming set is smashing into the rocks just ahead of me, and I am scrambling backwards to get beyond the reach of the shattered wave.

Not fast enough.

I feel the cold laughter of the ocean douse my hoodie, and it is bloody cold, and now I am laughing. That’s one way to be pulled out of your head.

My laughter trails off into a grin.

My thoughts take me to my flat, to a warm shower and the stir-fry waiting to be prepared. I turn my back on the ocean, crossing the sandy space between the rocky promontory and my car.

A quiet evening. 

Pulling my soaked hoodie off and throwing it in the backseat, I wonder, does my mind embellish the moment beyond what it was, or does it help me perceive with sharper clarity what is?

Ultimately, I imagine, ordinary is completely a matter of perspective.

Welcome to ordinary,

this month’s Odd Magazine issue.

In this issue: 

Kinship – Dan Provost
House of Sharks – KG Newman
The Privilege of Defecating – KG Newman
The Nighttime (Again) – Chariklia Martalas
Ode to the Ordinary – Nkateko Masinga
The ordinary ,pushed – Edjemre Marabel
Morning Prayer – Chariklia Martalas
YOUTH – Bontle Mpete

Photo Series:
City Folklor – Lena Luga

Book review:
The Pardoner’s Tale – Melissa Fortuin