The ordinary ,pushed

A Poem

By Edjemre Marabel

We didn’t attain this height

by maintaining decorum,

we disturbed eardrums,

with talking drums,

we made- noise

shook the dust till dawn

from the ordinary ,

We pushed, we pushed,

we really pushed,
we continued to push,
with ordinary hands,
we pulled strings
that did not create melodious harmony,
even with the off key,
we laboured to strike key,and
open doors
we never dulled on doors
we broke the locks
our heads were locked
we were so thirsty for greatness
we drank the cup of hard work
we pushed
#Edjemre Marabel
we pushed till haters,
pulled the love button
and dressed up their hate.
we turned tourist centers
to critics
we turned down,hate clinics
we never played gimmicks
our result wasn’t thickish
though our background was
elementary ,too ordinary
when our dreams were shady,
we pushed them to light
till we were the delight
of hot gossip .
that we are celebrities
no one can remember
that we were the ordinary